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COVID-19 Policy

The clinic is open for face to face and virtual appointments. The client is to firstly decide which path they would prefer.

All clients choosing a face to face route will be COVID screened and assessed virtually ( if a new condition) to minimise face to face contact and assess whether face to face treatment is appropriate and what COVID risk the client has.

After this screening if face to face is chosen the client will be made aware of how the clinic is working.

1. There are no waiting room falicities. Clients are to wait in their car where physio will call Covid screen and then if passed commence with treatment.

2. Physio will wear full PPE to CSP requirements, Surgical grade face mask, Face visor, gloves and apron. Client will wear face mask/ covering.

3. Hand santiser will be used by both client and physio entering and leaving clinic room.

4. Hard surfaces will be sabtised between clients and any equipment used.

5. Payment for session is due on booking and in receipt of invoice issued via email. Payment will be made via BACS

6. Appointments will be confirmed via emails, no appointment cards used

7. Toilet facilities are available if needed and are regularly santised