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As a Professional Dancer in the Musical Theatre Industry, I have had a few injuries over the years, some more serious than others. I have toured in many Musicals, all over the UK and every time I feel something not quite right, I’ll come back from wherever I am, to New Mills, to see Allison.

Allison has always kept me going, not only treating the bit that hurts but also treating other areas to prevent further injuries through compensating.

Allison says I can email her any time whilst I’m away, if I have any questions or queries regarding injuries, exercises and maintenance.

It is very hard to take time off in my job and it is just as hard to find a physiotherapist, whilst working away, that you can trust and that know how different dancers bodies can be.

I definitely know that without Allison, I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish everything that I have.

– Lisa Dent 2017

About 22 years ago I was advised to give up running due to a lower back problem.

Fortunately, 10 years ago I started using In Peak Health and after following a specific exercise programme, I was given the all-clear to start running again.

I’ve had numerous injuries/niggles over the years (calf, Achilles, hamstring, glutes, piriformis etc.) and every time Allison has identified the problem, treated it and given me exercises to avoid it in the future.

I’ve now completed over 200 parkruns, numerous 10K and half-marathon races and more recently, triathlons.

Without the excellent treatment I’ve received at In Peak Health, I doubt I would be able to maintain the level of fitness and sporting activity I’m currently enjoying.

– Paul (aged 64) 2017

Whenever I injury myself, normally as a result of being an ageing mountain biker, my first point of call is In Peak Health Physio, and Allison. I’ve been going for over 10 years, and Alison has quickly and informatively fixed my ankle following a bad sprain, my back, my shoulder following a trapped nerve, and my neck due to bad posture at the PC. I highly recommend In Peak Health to get you back into action quickly.

– Mark Brogden 2017

I have had bad knee pain for several years with referred pain in one hip. Also I have arthritis in the thumb joint of my hand.

Since visiting Alison at Peak Health and following her recommended exercise regime the improvements have been amazing and I no longer take pain killers for any of these conditions.

– Angela Wagstaff (67) 2017

“I have been a patient of Allison’s since she took over from the previous owner. In this time she has had to work her magic on me many times over due to accidents on the rugby pitch or whilst horse riding. It is testament to her that I can still function at all really, following numerous shoulder, knee, back and rib injuries. In all this time she has shown considerable patience with all the activities I do at “my age” and it has also given her the chance to use her vast array of techniques e.g. acupuncture (which was very new to me, I previously thought it was only used for pain control!). She always has a smile on her face and is more than happy to explain the exact nature of any injury and/or proposed treatment.”

– Ian Hughes, Dentist

“I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Allison Winterbottom and her associates at In Peak Health Physiotherapy Clinic. I feel able to make this recommendation because of all the excellent treatment I have received for my problem over the last three years.”

– Colin Redfern, Retired, New Mills

“I have attended ‘In Peak Health’ for about two years for treatment on my inflamed Achilles tendons.

The treatment took the form of physiotherapy and acupuncture. More importantly for me as a dance teacher, Allison has helped me to manage my own injury. She explained clearly to me why my tendons were becoming inflamed. After check the way I walk, she suggested that I may need to wear innersoles in my shoes.

Allison explained how strong core muscles would help me with my posture. She also gave me suitable strengthening and flexibility exercises.

I now feel confident that I can manage what is happening. I feel sure that if I need help, I can ring for an appointment at any time before things become too severe.

I would like to thank Allison for all her help and support; I no longer need to worry that this will affect my job.”

– Carolyn Dent, Dance Teacher, New Mills

I met Allison in 2009 as I had suffered with lower back pain and general wear and tear from years of horse riding and mucking out and from different falls I had incurred along the way. Allison has worked really hard on my straightness and pelvic alignment. As being a horse rider herself she is very aware of how important this is not only to the riders balance and strength but also how just being slightly crooked can affect the horse massively. I recommend Allison to all my clients when I feel there may be a problem

At the end of June this year I suffered a rotational fall from my horse resulting in the horse falling on top of me and breaking my femur .Allison was instrumental in my recovery not just with her physio skills which got me walking off the crutches in record time, but also her support and advice were invaluable.

I was desperate to get back riding and I was worried it would take ages to get strong but Allison assured me I would return to normal and 16 weeks on the dot I was back riding and within 5 months I was back out hunting jumping everything feeling really confident I could never have done this without my weekly sessions with Allison.”

– Vicki Bentley, Riding coach and One day event rider